Partners and Associates:
EIG Renewables
Our primary business is to develop renewable energy projects from preliminary assessments through to “bankable” PPAs and full project funding. We also assists governments in the process of developing and implementing renewable energy regulation.
We are developing a global portfolio of Renewable Energy projects.
Eastern Europe We have a strong foothold in the world’s upcoming Renewable Energy market following in the path of Western Europe.
Middle East/Africa We have taken the initiative to secure large Renewable Energy projects most suitable for its global portfolio.
Latin America We have presently establishing relationships with regional partners in the world’s upcoming Renewable Energy market.
Spencer Clark Investment banking
Together our talented team of professionals work directly with clients and help formulate investment plans that meet the varied needs of each individual client. As global markets become increasingly more complex, the level of understanding and resources needed to succeed on Wall Street continues to grow. Our firm is staffed with seasoned veterans that have established a superior level of knowledge and expertise throughout their careers. Unlike many firms that utilize a one size fits all approach, we take the time to understand our client's needs and often come up with creative solutions to solve complex problems. As a result, we consistently provide a superior level of service to both our brokerage and investment banking clients.
Galileo Asset Management SA
In our rapidly changing world, it's important to have an experienced team of financial market experts working tirelessly day in and day out, to guide strategic investment planning in asset allocation models as well as identify specific opportunities that are poised for profit. Yesterdays market leaders may not necessarily be tomorrows, as competition for market leadership is fierce. Our team of market professionals are constantly reviewing and analyzing the investment landscape. We spend considerable time to converse and consult with key opinion leaders and subject matter experts in order to help our clients take advantage of the opportunities for profit, as well as avoid the ever looming pitfalls. We constantly study and analyze both macro and micro-economic trends so as to build and adjust investment portfolios to reflect these powerful trends that move financial markets.